Jared Holgado, 7-year-old Math Whiz Kid Takes College Calculus (Video)

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Jared Holgado: Filipino Math Wizard
Image Credit: MSNBC

Jared Holgado, the 7-year-old Filipino American Math whiz kid is already studying second-level Algebra and is expected to finish college-level Calculus by the time he is eight, according to an ABS-CBN news report, September 24, 2011.

“We’ve already gone through fractions and decimals, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and he’s doing Algebra 2 at this point. Pretty good at age 7”, Dan Steinberg, Holgado’s Math tutor said in a statement.

Based on reports, Steinberg has been the private tutor of Jared. He also mentioned that Jared’s gift is the ability to understand the complex problems with just one or two examples, which allows him to move on to more difficult math problems at an accelerated pace.

“He’ll begin to have many, many choices and he can start to look into what choices that interests him. Toys, computer programming–he can use the math when he wants to”, Steinberg added.

Moreover, Jared’s parents Nancy and Ferdinand are proud of their eldest child.

Nancy revealed Jared is shy and modest, love the usual stuff about first grade like running around and basketballs, but he really likes numbers, reports said.

Below is a YouTube video of Filipino Math wizard, Jared Holgado, uploaded by TFCBalitangAmerica.

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