Japanese Tunnel Collapse: 7 Trap Inside Tokyo’s Sasago Highway Tunnel (Video)

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Highway Tunnel Collapse in Japan

Highway Tunnel Collapse in Japan
Image Credit: AP Photo/Kyodo News

A Japanese highway tunnel collapsed in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday, December 2, 2012. The collapsed 80-km Sasago highway tunnel, opened in 1977, is reportedly the main link from Tokyo to central Japan.

Reports say that about 150 concrete roof panels were scattered inside the highway tunnel.

Seven people were reported missing due to the incident and several vehicles were buried inside the tunnel.

As of posting rescuers suspended operations as they fear of further collapse. Earlier, rescue efforts were hampered by heavy smoke that came from a vehicle that caught fire inside the Sasago highway tunnel.

Rescue operations has been very complicated as the location of the collapse is about 1.7 kilometers inside the tunnel.

Authorities from the the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, cannot yet confirm any casualty brought about by the tunnel collapse.

Investigation on the cause of the collapse is being conducted by the Central Japan Expressway Co..

Reports say that the tunnel was inspected in September and October but there was no report of any damage on the roof.

Sasago Highway Tunnel Collapse in Japan
Image Credit: itnnews/YouTube

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