Japanese Prime Minister will not take salary until nuclear crisis is controlled

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Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan
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According to the recent news of Japan Today, Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan will not accept his monthly salary and biannual bonuses for serving as Japan’s PM, starting June, until crisis concerning the Fukushima nuclear power plant is brought under control.

Apparently, similar reports confirmed that the announcement was made after Tokyo Electric, the operator of the Fukushima plant, said Tuesday that for an indefinite time its top executives will not receive pay starting this month.

As noted from the reports, Kan will forgo the 1.64 million yen and bonuses somewhere around 2 million yen which are due twice a year for serving as prime minister.

Reports from other sources confirm that after Kan’s news conference, Industry Minister Banri Kaieda, who is Japan’s nuclear policy key player, will also forgo his ministerial salary.

It was noted on records that Kan will also be looking into the possibility of using other potential sources of energy like solar and wind power and that Japan would review its energy policy from “scratch”.

Similarly, recent news confirmed about a public apology that was issued by Kan due to the government’s inability to prevent the nuclear crisis.  Furthermore, records attest that the said crisis was brought about by the overwhelming March 11 earthquake followed by a tsunami in the northeastern region that left around 25,000 people dead or missing and forced nearly 120,000 to live in temporary shelters.

Moreover, Kan was reportedly noted as saying, ‘‘Along with Tokyo Electric Power Co., the government, which has promoted nuclear energy as a national policy, is very responsible for failing to prevent the accident’’.

On the other hand it was reported by related reports that on the same day of Kan’s announcement, about 100 residents and evacuees from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, were permitted to revisit their homes for a brief period to gather their belongings. As noted through a Japanese public broadcaster, officials  allowed the villagers of Kawauchi to go home for just 2 hours wearing protective suits against radiation.  Reports also mentioned that it was their first time to return since their April 22 evacuation.

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