Japan Typhoon Roke claims 4 lives, flights canceled and Toyota plants to close

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Typhoon Roke in Japan have claimed 4 lives as of Wednesday, September 21, 2011, with hundreds of flights declared canceled and more than 10 Toyota plants will be closed.

Office workers in Japan, being transported by
rescue officials due to Typhoon Roke

Image Credit: Kyodo/AP

As noted at NHK‘s official website, typhoon Roke is fast approaching central Japan and being expected to make a landfall on Wednesday afternoon, has resulted to 4 casualties and 2 others missing.

As reported by Japan’s Meteorological Agency, the strong typhoon is moving northeastward at 35 kilometers per hour over waters east of Wakayama Prefecture as of noon that day.

Typhoon Roke was noted to be heading northeast toward the Tokai region in central Japan at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour, packing winds of up to 216 kph.

A rainfall of 50 millimeters per hour which will reach to 80 millimeters high is being estimated and may last for at least one hour, with more than 900 homes across Japan have been affected so far.

Meanwhile, nearly 300 flights have been canceled affecting domestic and international flights from various airlines including Japan Airlines, Nippon Airways and Skymark Airlines.

According to reports, Japan Airlines Co. has canceled 112 domestic flights, Nippon Airways Co. canceled 116 domestic flights and 2 international flights, and Skymark Airlines had 43 flights canceled.

On the other hand, Toyota Motor Corp. spokesman Shiori Hashimoto confirmed to Bloomberg that its 11 factories in Aichi prefecture were declared closed since the afternoon that day due to the typhoon.

As reported earlier, nearly 1.1 million residents in Nagoya have been advised to evacuate their houses while thousands have already fled to ensure their safety when typhoon Roke arrives.

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