Japan tsunami dog rescued, survived three weeks at sea (Video)

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A dog was rescued by Japanese coast guard which was said to have survived at the sea, three weeks after the tsunami hit country, as shown in the video below.

Japan tsunami dog rescued
Image Credit: Japan Coast Guard/NDTV

As reported by NDTV, Japan Coast Guard members was doing a aerial search when they saw the dog running around in the debris of the wrecked house which was washed away by the tsunami three weeks ago.

The rescue team spent hours trying to get the dog as the scared animal hid under the floating roof, which was on the sea, about 1.1 miles from the Kesennuma coast.

The trembling dog, which has no name tag around its neck, hide under the roof and was believed to have been scared by the helicopter’s propeller.

Apparently, the helicopter ran out of fuel and the dog was rescued by cost guard boat instead, as its owner has not yet been found.

Japan tsunami dog rescued
Video Credit: Japan Coast Guard/NDTV

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