Japan tsunami debris reaches Alaska, Japanese soccer ball found (Photo)

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Some of the debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami has reportedly reached Alaska, which includes a Japanese soccer ball as shown in the photo below, which is likely to be returned to its owner.

Japanese soccer ball, which is among the Japan
tsunami debris that reached Alaska beach shore

Image Credit: David Baxter/NOAA

According to a post by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office (NOAA) on its Response and Restoration blog on Thursday, April 19, 2012, a soccer ball and volleyball were found on Middleton Island, in the Gulf of Alaska.

As noted in the report, the balls, which have Japanese writings on them, were found by radar technician David Baxter on the beach shore, with the soccer ball has its school name stenciled on it after it was translated and later confirmed to be located in the tsunami zone.

“This may be one of the first opportunities since the March 2011 tsunami that a remnant washed away from Japan has been identified and could actually be returned to its previous owner.” Doug Helton wrote on the said blog, which lead to the official website of NOAA Marine Debris Program.

“When something gets washed up on a beach, unless it has a unique and traceable identifier, like the registration numbers on a boat, it can be difficult to tell if the item was set adrift by the tsunami, or if it was lost or discarded at sea some other time.” Helton added.

Nevertheless, the volleyball was said to be not having sufficient information to trace its owner but is still being searched, with NOAA working with the U.S. State Department and the Japanese Embassy for any possible item from the Japan tsunami debris that can still be returned back home to Japan.

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