Japan Justice Minister Minoru Yanagida resigns after the ‘easy job’ joke

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Japan’s Justice Minister Minoru Yanagida resigns after the ‘easy job’ joke, as published in different international news site this Monday.

According to the reports, Mr. Yanagida made the announcement himself about his resignation as the Minister of Justice during a press conference in Tokyo on Monday morning, and he apologized for the effect his previous actions.

Since last week, Minoru Yanagida have been receiving a lot of negative comments and a call for resign from the opposition party for his supposed joke that he has an ‘easy job’.

Allegedly, he made some ‘funny remarks’ about his job during a private gathering in his hometown at Hiroshima Prefecture.

“Being justice minister is easy because I only ever have to remember two phrases, which I can use whenever I am stuck for an answer to a question in parliament.” Minoru Yanagida apparently said.

According to the news, the two phrases go something like “I refrain from making comments on a specific issue” and “We are dealing with the matter based on laws and evidence.”

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan was said to have given Mr Yanagida a severe warning about his misbehavior, before the resignation took place.

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