James Klemovich Used Boy Scout Skills To Survive From 10 Days on Snow

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Boy Scout James Klemovich
Image Credit: Julie Good

James Klemovich, a 76-year-old Colorado man survived 10 days in the remote Nevada desert by melting snow and used his Boy Scout’s skills in order to survived, according to reports by several international sites, March 31, 2012.

Recent reports said Klemovich and his friend Laszlo Szabo, 75, went to scope out some mines in the state when they were trapped on a lonely road with no cell phone service. Szabo, however, left to get help but was found lifeless by authorities.

Joanne Klemovich, James’ wife mentioned her husband has diabetes, wears a pacemaker and had a triple bypass heart surgery.

According to Rita Kalyani, who teaches endocrinology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, “drinking regularly was likely the biggest factor in his survival despite the diabetes that could have sent his blood sugar dangerously out of whack.”

Moreover, reports said Klemovich was treated and released from a hospital in Fallon, Nevada.

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