James Bond, Daniel Craig, is Rumored to be Having an Affair with Rachel Weisz

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James Bond, Daniel Craig, is rumored to be having an affair with British actress Rachel Weisz, entertainment sites reported, December 27, 2010. The two are paired together in an upcoming movie “Dream House.”

Apparently Craig and Weisz have developed chemistry during the shooting of their movie. Although, they previously denied the affair, just a month ago Rachel Weisz divorced her husband Darren Aronofsky, and Daniel Craig had split up with his current girlfriend as well.

Weisz and Aronofsky have been together for 9 years and they have a baby boy.  They both won custody over the boy and the PR manager said they remain friends.

The rumor has further smoldered when additional reports claimed that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were seen holding hands and happily enjoying their time together in Somerset. Whether this romantic scene will become real or not, is the next episode that everyone’s curious about.

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