Jack the Cat passes away, after making headlines when lost at JFK airport and appeared later

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Jack the Cat, which gained fame after it went missing at the JFK airport more than two months ago but mysteriously appeared later, passed away on Sunday, November 6, 2011.

Jack the Cat
Image Credit: Jack the Cat Facebook

As noted on its official Facebook fan page, Jack the Cat died on Sunday night after receiving extensive wounds on the back of his body that were unable to heal due to malnutrition while he was lost.

Jack the Cat is owned by Karen Pascoe, who was flying out of the JFK airport last August 25. Apparently, he escaped from his cat kennel and got lost. A Facebook page was created to help find him.

Karen, along with her two cats Jack and Bary, were supposed to fly via American Airlines Flight 177 that day, but an airline employee told her that Jack went missing. Karen flew using another flight hoping that her cat will be found but to no avail.

The 7-year old male cat was said to have mysteriously appeared on October 25 at the baggage terminal of the airport. He lost his life at the Blue Pearl veterinary hospital in Forest Hills, Queens, with his health deteriorating and in critical condition.

“It is with tears that I must tell you that Jack has gone over the rainbow bridge. Jack had been through so much but was bathed in love.” Mary Beth Melchior, sister of Jack’s owner, wrote on the Facebook page, which has now nearly 24,000 fans.

“We thank everyone who has gone on this journey with us. We have been introduced to people we have come to not only respect, but love. We want people to understand the risks that attend putting an animal in cargo.” Melchior added, noting that they still have to cats to be transported.

Meanwhile, American Airlines was said to have released an official statement on the loss of Jack the Cat and offered condolences to its owner.

“We are deeply saddened that Jack has passed away, and we offer profound sympathy to Jack‘s owner, Karen Pascoe, for her loss.” American Airlines was quoted at People.com.

“Our heart also goes out to the Friends of Jack and those in the cat-loving community who have grown fond of Jack since he went missing.” The airline added.

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