J.K. Rowling’s Plagiarism Charges in Harry Potter Book Dismissed

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J.K. Rowling’s plagiarism charges in one of her Harry Potter books, have been dismissed by Judge Shira Sheindlin, as reported by International news sites, January 7, 2011.

Judge Sheindlin further stated that:

“…The contrast is so stark that any serious comparison of the two strains credulity.”

The plagiarism lawsuit has been filed by the estate of the late Adrian Jacobs. Jacobs was not able to succeed in breaking through the mainstream top-sellers.

The claim that J.K. Rowling’sHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was copied from Jabob’s “The Adventure of Willy the Wizard” is now put the rest with the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, avid fans are eagerly waiting for the premiere of Part II of the last sequel to the famous Harry Potter adventures, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

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