Israel forest fire kills prison guards in Carmel Mountains (Video)

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A forest in Carmel Mountain was caught in fire and killed prison guards on Thursday night, and was said to be the largest Israel forest fire so far, according to international news sites.

According to the reports, a huge fire broke out in the northern part of Israel which leads to about 40 people killed; most of them were prison guards riding on a bus, with no prisoners on board.

While investigators are still checking on what have caused the fire, a Boeing 747 was sent to the area to help fight the fire, after it was apparently offered by New York City Mayor Bloomberg to Israeli Acting Consul General Ido Aharoni.

As of this writing, around 3,000 square meters of trees was said to have been burned and power was cut in Haifa; while unconfirmed number of injured people were brought to the nearest hospitals, the reports said.

A fire brigade spokesman apparently told local news that the fire have traveled as far as 1,500 meters in less than 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the area and said the fire was ‘unprecedented disaster’.

Below is the news video uploaded at YouTube by Russia Today.

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