Is Facebook Worlds Most Dangerous Ride Fan Page a Scam?

By on Aug 26, 2010 in Opinion Comments

Recently, blog posts entitled World’s Most Dangerous Ride are starting to be popular in Google. This has a photo of the world’s most dangerous ride, where viewers are being invited to “like” its Facebook fan page. Once you “liked” it, you will automatically go to a site –

Although this looks like just another exciting fan page to join in, I came across a blog post that says that it could possibly be another chain scam scheme.

According to Brian Krassentein, anyone who would join the fan page will complete a survey wherein people are required to give their email address; in which the site owner will earn some money. Afterward, this will give the site owner the right to send you a variety of ads.

For the benefit of the doubt, I Googled the keywords “world’s most dangerous ride” and I easily found a couple of blogs that have the same posts. However, I noticed that these blogs uses admin as the site owner or with no author at all.

But then, I still “liked” it and indeed, it brought me to the site I mentioned above. It was almost a blank page that says that I should click the “like” button again, so I stopped although I almost gave in.

Now, some questions are running into my mind. Why was I brought to a site instead of a Facebook fan page? If Krassentein claims that the site will require me to fill in a survey, how is it related to being a fan?

And lastly, why should I give my personal information like email address to strangers that may cause my identity to be stolen?

Well, I still cannot conclude that this is a scam but I still would like to remind everyone to be careful when they are online.

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