Ireland UFO sighting video earns mixed reactions from experts (Video)

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A so-called Ireland UFO sighting occurred last December, as shown in the video below. The said UFO video was uploaded on YouTube on March 16, by a user named Naktis Ireland. However, it is only now that it has captured the attention of many. Experts also expressed their own opinions.

Ireland UFO sighting

Alleged UFO over Ireland
Image Credit: Naktis Ireland/YouTube

“Strange fire balls/UFO’s flying in formation in Cork, Ireland. Strange orange spheres flying in formation and leaving a trail of smoke behind them, they appear and later disappear constantly. They fly in formation so they cannot be fireworks or lanterns. They leave a trail of grey smoke as they move.” A statement reads on the video description.

Apparently, the video has no audio and the user claimed on his comment on the video that he was in a hurry and that he only used a mobile phone. He said he has a Cannon EOS 500D camera with 300mm lens at home, but he was afraid that he might miss the chance to film the rare scene.

“The only PC software modification I did was to remove the sound as some comments where irrelevant and to cut off the end as it was filming the empty sky. The stabilization was done automatically by YouTube, I can remove it, but then the camera will be shaking a lot.” Naktis Ireland added.

Meanwhile, Anne Strieber posted an article on the website on Wednesday, April 17, saying that three experts have expressed their opinion when they saw the alleged Ireland UFO video. Two of the experts they have spoken to said did not rule out the possibility that these are unknown lights.

However, the third expert said he is quite sure the UFO video is a hoax. The second expert noted that the YouTube user’s account may have no ability to create a fake video, but it is also possible that the video was created with the help of a technical expert. As of this writing, no further explanation has been made to prove that the video could be real.

Alleged Ireland UFO sighting
Video Credit: Naktis Ireland/YouTube

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