Iran launches first Muslim doll, Fatima, instant messaging software Hijab Messenger, and an Islamic Tie

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Iran launches its first Muslim doll, Fatima, instant messaging software named Hijab Messenger, and an Islamic Tie, according to international news sites.

While many people may have thought that Iran is known for launching missiles only, the country launched three noted items to promote their own culture that was said to be competing with the Westerns.

Fam, an Iranian firm recently launched Fatima, the first Islamic doll, which was said to be specifically designed to battle against the “enemies’ cultural invasion” of Iran.

About two year ago, two dolls were reported to have introduced in the market, ‘Sarah’ and ‘Dara’, supposed contemporaries to Barbie and Ken, but failed to impress the local market.

Fatima, now with a more Islamic look, is being expected to represent the Islam community as she will be wearing the Islam custom, Hijab.

“By creating Barbie and marketing it, Westerners are encouraging bad veiling and not wearing the hijab,” Fam representative Hossein Seresht was quoted as saying.

“All of these factors led us to take it as our duty to present Islamic dolls to the market,” the rep added.

Meanwhile, Fam also launched new software called the Hijab Messenger, which has an instant messenger and includes videos of Islamic fashion and speeches on the importance of wearing Hijab.

But while the Iranian software is based on the Yahoo Instant Messenger, chats can only occur between “people who are defined within the system”, as first reported at

Incidentally, an Islamic tie was also launched, which is based on Islamic values, and was specially designed in the shape of a sword and decorated with the quotes from Prophet Muhammad.

Hemat Komeili, the tie’s designer, was said to have chose the sword which represents the sword of Shiite Imam Ali, the cousin and brother in law of Mohammad, who is considered as a ‘Holy Man’ in Iran.

According to the Komeili, the design was been approved by some of the Iran‘s shiite scholars.

Apparently, most men stopped wearing ties as it represented the ‘corrupt’ west since 1979, when Iran’s Islamic revolution took place.

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