iPhone Case: Lightstrap Flash iPhone Case For Clearer Pictures At Night

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Lightstrap Flash iPhone Case
Credit: Brick & Pixel

Lightstrap flash iPhone case is a photographic lighting tool that enables you to shoot stunning photos and videos at night. It is a new iPhone accessory that is currently up for funding through Kickstarter.

The new flash iPhone case elevates the iPhone’s low-light photo ability which adds more clarity and brightness to pictures taken at low-light or at night. It offers 10x brighter than the standard flash of Apple‘s camera phones which dramatically reduces noise, grain and blur.

“No more blur and grain, just crisp vibrant photos with the distinctive look of a professional ring light. Lightstrap follows the flash on your phone so it works seamlessly with all camera apps,” as quoted from the team’s Kickstarter page.

The new iPhone flash case runs on a self-equipped battery that is charged with a micro USB cable. Users can take up to 500 pictures or shoot 30-minute video footage per charge.

It comes with a color control button with six different settings and seven different brightness levels allowing the user to have a complete control in taking pictures in different modes.

The Lightstrap prototype iPhone case was field tested to dozens of journalist, technology websites and photographers. According to Engadget who had personally tested the flash case, “it did deliver on its promise: brighter shots in dimmer places.”

“We have to admit, it seemed to work — images shot with the lighted case were brighter and significantly less grainy for the sake of the larger flash. Sure, a few of our test subjects squinted in the face of the souped-up kit, but it did deliver on its promise: brighter shots in dimmer places,” as quoted from Engadget.

Lightstrap iPhone case is a project of Brick & Pixel founded by Ben Clawson and Cassidy Clawson, a father and son team that had an extensive experience in research, development and manufacturing. The said project is aiming to reach its pledged goal of $245,000 by January 3. As of this posting, it has raised about $44,000.

Here is the pitch video for Lightstrap flash iPhone case posted at Kickstarter. com by Brick & Pixel team.

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