iPhone Case: VanD iPhone Case That Flashes When Receiving Calls

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iPhone cases are everywhere and are basically used to protect the iPhone. Now, there’s a new kind of iPhone case that does not only protect your iPhone, it even flashes when you receive a call, a text message, email, or anything that would normally trigger an alert. Yes, the whole casing flashes.

vand flashing iphone case

VanD flashing iPhone cases
Credit: Gizmodo

The VanD flashing iPhone case uses the LED flash for alerts iOS setting. When this setting is turned on, an alert will make the LED flash. When the LED flashes, the light is redistributed throughout the entire casing, giving a very cool flashing effect, as shown in the animated image included on this article.

Since the LED flashing feature is built-in on the iPhone and the casing simply redistributes the light, it does not need any additional battery power aside from the power the LED uses.

The VanD flashing iPhone cases are available in different styles for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 5C. It sells for $19.99 apiece.

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