IPhone 6 price, features and other rumors

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iPhone 6 features

Credit: Apple

The iPhone 6 features are already going viral over the internet as the expected release date of the latest Apple smartphone is just less than a month away.

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As expected, some of the rumored iPhone 6 features may be true and some may be just wishful thinking.

We gathered some of the iPhone 6 features that we think will be beneficial to users.

Below are some of the iPhone 6 rumored features.
1. A larger screen
2. A wide display and form factor
3. Longer battery life
4. iOS 8
5. Health monitoring sensors
6. Better apps
7. Improved camera

These are some of the iPhone 6 features that may soon be the benchmark for all other smartphone manufacturers.

With the above mentioned features, will you buy the iPhone 6?

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