iPhone 5 release not announced disappoints some fans, new iPhone 4S specs and release date unveiled

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The expected iPhone 5 release was not announced on the Apple event on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 and some fans were somehow disappointed.

iPhone 4S, Apple’s new iPhone
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Earlier, Apple unveiled its new iPhone, the iPhone 4S, which will be available in seven countries on Friday, October 14, and pre-sale to start this coming Friday, October 7.

Among the key features of the iPhone 4S include a new camera, the A5 chip, and a voice control function named Siri where users can talk to the new iPhone.

Meanwhile, some iPhone fans were disappointed when the iPhone 5 was not announced, which they expected; and used Twitter to show their disappointments. Below are some of them.

“If you’re not disappointed by the iPhone 4S, well, then, you’re just not enough of a dreamer, my friend.” Joseph Weisenthal (@TheStalwart) of Business Insider tweeted.

New iPhone is a big disappointment. No toaster, no en suite bathroom, and totally unable to raise the dead.” (@thewritertype) said.

“Urgent news: Apple has released a product that you don’t need, but you won’t look trendy without.” (@_Snape_) said.

“If anyone wants to buy an old iPhone, just buy the new one.” (@OMGWire) said.

“Good news. They’re turning “Waiting for iPhone 5” into a Broadway play.” (@DavidCarnoy) tweeted.

“Will Siri be able to answer the question ‘When is the #iPhone5 out?’” (@AngryBritain) asked.

Nevertheless, there were also good comments and one of them is from a Gartner analyst named Carolina Milanesi, who posted her comment on the iPhone 4S news post at Financial Times.

“There will be some people disappointed by the lack of a new design. But from a feature perspective Apple delivered on all the points that users were waiting for.” Milanesi wrote.

“They have improved the antenna design; there is a faster A5 chip and a better camera. Siri is pretty amazing if it works well with accents and different languages.” Milanesi added.

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