iPhone 5 prank video in Amsterdam goes viral, glued iPhone 5 in Leidseplein square confuses people

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Apple iPhone 5 will be sold in the Netherlands later this week, but a so-called iPhone 5 prank video, as shown below, is now going viral, after the group of Dutch bought one iPhone 5 ahead of the release and glued it in the ground in Amsterdam, and recorded the reactions of passersby who try to get it.

iPhone 5 prank Amsterdam

People, reacting when they saw the iPhone 5 prank
Image Credit: iphoneNL video

According to Dutch site iPhone5.nl on Friday, September 21, 2012, which created the video and uploaded it at YouTube that day, they consumed a tube of superglue to stick the iPhone 5 prank to the ground at middle of Leidseplein, one of the busiest squares in central Amsterdam; and placed a hidden camera nearby.

iPhone5.nl had the first iPhone 5 in the Netherlands. As a prank, they glued it on one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam to see how people reacted.” iPhone5.nl wrote in the description of the 2:31 minute YouTube video, which has more than 1 million views and 3,100 likes as of this writing.

“What would you do if you have an iPhone 5 on the street saw lying? iPhone5.nl had the first iPhone 5 in the Netherlands and wanted some fun with it. We taped the iPhone in the middle of the Leidseplein, sought an inconspicuous area around, and put the cameras.” A statement reads at iPhone5.nl, as translated via Google Translate.

Apparently, the iPhone 5 prank was spotted by some passersby and tried to remove it from the ground but failed. There were even those who looked around first before picking it up, while others made multiple attempts to get it. One girl seemed to be upset and jumped on it a couple of times.

iPhone 5 prank in Amsterdam
Video Credit: iphoneNL/YouTube

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