iPhone 5 concept features wearable ‘spider-like’ design that fits into user’s hand (Photo and Video)

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Apple is yet to unveil its new iPhone, but a new iPhone 5 concept was released on Friday, July 6, 2012, as shown in the photo and YouTube video below, which features a wearable ‘spider-like’ design that fits into the user’s hand; as iPhone 5 rumors began to surface again.

iPhone 5 concept, as designed by Federico Ciccarese
Image Credit: CiccareseDesign.com

Apparently, the idea of the new iPhone 5 concept was first posted at CiccareseDesign.com that day, which was designed by Federico Ciccarese, who is known for his Apple product renderings. The idea was given to him by someone who wishes his identity not to be revealed.

“I show you this item from my world. Here most of the devices do not need to be kept in hand; interaction with the soul of the instrument is verbal, of course. These images are a little tip; you have yet to learn how to connect machines and human body.” A statement reads on the YouTube description.

“I have given to Federico the documents to be published on his website. I do not have permission to say more, we are in touch. Anonymous.” The statement added, with the iPhone 5 concept notably looking like a rectangular iPod being carried by spider legs; but some observers are saying that it is unlikely to be absorbed by Apple.

As noted at Mashable that day, the “main phone” part of the design is quite the same as the iPhone app array, saying that “the renderings look amazing, and we love the sci-fi look of the thing, but the creepiness and probable discomfort created by the legs make it a non-starter.”

“While we think it actually looks incredible we can’t see it quite catching on. Plenty of people don’t even like wearing a ring for example so the idea of your palm wrapped in metal may not appeal.” A statement reads at PhonesReview.co.uk, noting that people might view it as either as extremely cool or downright weird.

Meanwhile, DigiTimes.com reported on Thursday, July 5, that industry sources from the Far East told them that Apple‘s new iPhone will be powered by a quad-core ARM processor based on Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture, which is being expected to “heat-up” the competition with other quad-core smartphones.

iPhone 5 concept features
Video Credit: ciccaresedesignvideo/YouTube

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