iPhone 4S Siri down for some users, outage complaints via Twitter

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Siri, iPhone 4S‘ unique voice assistant and was believed to be its selling drive force, is reportedly down for some users, as complaints start pouring via Twitter on Thursday, November 3, 2011.


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According to iSmashPhone, the first one to break the news; they read some tweets on Thursday afternoon from iPhone 4S users complaining that Siri is down, which they are also experiencing.

Siri is not working well for me right now. Can’t even process this simple request. Servers must be down for NYC.” David Fine (@DavidFine) tweeted.

“My Siri hasn’t been working most of the day anyone else notice her being down?” Martin Bowling (@MartinBowling) tweeted.

Siri is down for me…instead of unhelpful error messages, voice transcription is silently failing. Nice.” Robert Carlsen (@RobertCarlsen) tweeted.

“Wow, is Siri down? I keep getting the message that it cannot connect to the network. Reboot didn’t help either.” Gerald Bailey (@gbailey) tweeted.

Siri, which is still at Beta, allows iPhone 4S users to speak conversationally to their iPhones and ask her some simple questions or giving her command; and replies automatically.

Venture Beat noted that some suggests restarting or rebooting the iPhone, but Siri is still down and it could be possible that the network is down. They said theirs now functions well but is still not working for others.

On the other hand, Apple Insider said some iPhone 4S users also complained and that Siri “not being able to connect to the network” but it is now up for some users who restarted their iPhones.

As of this writing, Apple has not released any official statement on this matter, which is a day after Apple admitted that an iOS 5 bug is causing the current iPhone 4S battery problem.

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