IPcalypse, Will the Internet Runs Out of IP Addresses ?

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Fremont, California – A recent article from Mashable.com says that one Internet Service Provider is predicting an IPcalypse (Internet Doomsday) to happen on February 2nd at around 4 a.m “IPcalypse” means that the Internet will run out of its current version of IP addresses. The ISP provider, Hurricane Electric, build the theory by predicting based on a rate of about one million addresses every four hours is being made.

Each electronic equipment that we use to connect to the internet uses a unique IP Address.

Hurricane Electric has launched a Twitter ( http://twitter.com/IPv4countdown) and Facebook accounts that counts down to what it has termed the “IPcalypse”. It also encourage other Internet service providers to transition to that system.

However, Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF) have already foreseen this problem and invented IPv6, a system that invokes both letters and digits to handle.

It is also good that the Internet Society‘s Wiki assures internet users that IPv4 and IPv6 can coexist during the transition despite being largely incompatible. Software and hardware developers are working on transition mechanisms, and most operating systems install support for IPv6 by default.

As of this writing, the last tweet from IPv4Countdown says that the available IPv4 addresses are only below 40 million.

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