iPad Rumors, Release Date, Leaked Features (Video)

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iPad rumors
iPad rumors
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New iPad rumors pertaining to the Apple‘s tablet release date and latest features have gone viral in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you currently own an iPad, will you be upgrading to the rumored iPad 5? To help you make a decision, you may want to see the video below and the succeeding list of iPad rumors.

iPad Rumors
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According to the rumors, the Apple iPad 5 will be unveiled by the Cupertino company in a special event on October 15, 2013.

Below are some of the leaked iPad features recently published by several other news and blog sites.

  • iPad 5 CPU And GPU

Rumors say that the upcoming iPad will have an A7X CPU designed by Samsung that capable of running at 64 bit. With the upgraded CPU, it is anticipated that the iPad 5 will contain at least 4GB of memory that will considerably double the processing speed of the tablet.

  • iPad 5 Screen Size and Weight

The new screen size of iPad 5 is rumored to be relatively smaller and will use a more efficient LED backlight. Rumors points to a screen shift to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Apple is expected to lower down the weight of the new iPad 5 by adapting the “GF DITO” (GF2) touchscreen technology. Using GF2 may reduce the thickness of the form factor by 23 percent and lower down its weight by 53 percent.

Other rumors say that Apple will retain the size at 9.7 inches while others are claiming an upgrade to a 12.9 inches screen.

  • iPad 5 Battery

One of Apple’s goals for the iPad 5 seem to be focused on making it thinner. It’s possible they could figure out a way to shrink other components and still allow a thicker battery but this seems unlikely.

The iPad 3 and iPad 4 both featured a 11,560 mAh battery which could last for days. All of the screen changes to the iPad 5 would consume less power and thus require a smaller iPad 5 battery. But otherwise Apple hasn’t released any specification about battery size. So if they keep the same battery and reduce the power requirements it should still last longer than the iPad 4.

  • iPad 5 Fingerprint Scanner

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner built into the iPhone 5S is the biggest innovation that Apple brought to the table this year. Will the iPad 5 feature it as well? iPad 5 rumors seem to say the answer is “yes” based upon leaked photos of an iPhone 5 home button connector.

  • iPad 5 Wireless Charging

One iPad 5 rumor claims Apple is looking into equipping its iPad Smart Covers with the ability to wirelessly charge the iPad 5. Rumors of iPad 5 wireless charging are fueled by an Apple patent which describes an “integrated inductive charging in protective cover” which works by “an inductive power transmitter arranged to wirelessly pass power to a corresponding inductive power receiver unit disposed within the tablet device.”

It’s uncertain whether iPad 5 wireless charging capability will require the iPad Smart Cover to be plugged into the wall to function or if it’ll have its own small battery, as well.

  • iPad 5 Camera

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the iPad 5 camera will be the same one featured in the iPhone 5S. This means the iPad 5 camera apps would come with similar features to supplement the 8 megapixels camera. As a comparison, the previous two generations of the iPad had a 5 MP camera.

  • iPad 5 Color Cases

The new iPad is expected to follow the new colors, gold, space gray, and silver of iPhone 5S.

  • iPad 5 Price

 An entry level iPad 5  (WiFi only, 16GB) may be priced at $499. A 32GB,  64GB maybe incremented by a $100.

Some rumors expects Apple to drop its iPad price by $100 to be more competitive with Samsung and Microsoft Surface.

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