iPad rumors: iPad 3 features and release date, iPad 2 price cut to $299

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The latest iPad rumors that are currently being circulated online include the iPad 3 features and its release date and the upcoming iPad 2 price drop.

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As noted at Digitimes.com, a Taiwanese technology site, on Friday, December 30, 2011, new speculations about the iPad 3 are building up concerning its features and when it will be released.

According to the report, sources in Apple‘s supply chain informed them that the company is being expected to use IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) flat panels to upgrade the display resolution for the iPad 3.

Apparently, the source noted that most Taiwan-based flat panel makers are capable of producing IGZO panels although their yield rates still remain to be a major concern for them.

Nevertheless, Sharp was said to be switching some of its capacity for large-size panels to the production of small-size panels for tablet computers and smartphones.

The same report said that Apple is being expected to release both the versions of its next generation iPad at the iWorld (formerly known as Macworld) trade show in San Francisco on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012.

However, some reports said that the upcoming Apple event will likely focus on media-related services and not hardware, with the company not yet releasing any formal announcement about iPad 3.

Meanwhile, Digitimes also noted on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 that Apple may have a price drop on its iPad 2 to follow its traditional pricing strategy for its next-generation iPad, or the iPad 3.

“It remains to be seen at what price level Apple will set its entry-level iPad. For Wi-Fi only models, US$299, US$349 or US$399 may all be possible.” A statement reads at Digitimes.com, noting that prices may change if Apple will release two versions of the iPad 3.

“If Apple drops its iPad price to US$299, it could seriously affect the non-Apple camp’s pricing strategy, which is at the range of $199 and $399.” The statement added, in which Apple store‚Äôs iPad 2 price currently starts at $499.

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