iPad Mini Mega ad premieres at Conan O’Brien show, unveils other new parody iPad mini versions (Video)

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The so-called iPad Mini Mega ad, as shown in the video below, premiered at Conan O’Brien‘s show, Conan at TBS on Tuesday, October 30, 2102, wherein other new versions of the iPad Mini were also introduced. This ad is actually a spoof of Apple‘s latest iPad, the iPad Mini.

iPad mini mega

‘iPad Mini Mega’
Image Credit: Team Coco/Conan video

“People are wondering if the smaller iPad is really necessary. Well, here’s Apple‘s latest ad and judge for yourself.” Conan O’Brien told his audience, and the new ‘iPad ad’ video was shown. Comedian Andrew Grissom was seen impersonating an Apple senior product designer, believed to be Jonathan Ive.

“We at Apple are thrilled with the iPad Mini. We are extremely proud of the iPad Mini. We put everything you love about the iPad into a smaller package. But then we thought, what if we could combine the sleekness of the iPad Mini with the brilliant display of the original iPad.Grissom said.

“Introducing the iPad Mini Mega. At 8.8 inches, it’s the perfect blend of the iPad and the iPad Mini.” Grissom added, and the audience was heard laughing as the parody video showing the difference of the iPad Mini Mega to the iPad (9.7 inches) and iPad Mini (7.9 inches).

“But then, we had a new idea. What if we put everything you love about the iPad Mini Mega in a smaller package. Introducing the iPad Mini Mega Micro, at 8.4 inches.” Grissom said further, noting that it a revolutionary mix of the other iPad devices, with laughter from the audience now much louder.

Later, Grissom introduced the iPad Mini Mega Micro Max, saying that it is 8.8 inches, same size with the iPad Mini Mega; and the last product, the biggest iPad ever, which he called the iPad Monster, at 112 inches, adding that it barely fits a door, and ended the ad, saying, “We’re drunk with power.”

‘iPad Mini Mega’ ad
Video Credit: Team Coco/Conan

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