iPad 3 rumors: iPad 3 concept features video by Aatma Studio goes viral

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The latest iPad 3 rumors are saying that it is likely to be announced in an Apple media event on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, but an iPad 3 concept features video, as shown below is now going viral.

iPad 3 concept features
Image Credit: AatmaStudio/YouTube

According to the description at YouTube which was uploaded by Aatma Studio, the iPad 3 video contains advanced CG iPad 3 features on a new iPad design, which is a big step up from the features of iPad 1 and iPad 2.

“We hope this concept iPad 3 preview provides you as much entertainment as an iPad 3 commercial or iPad 3 official video or an iPad 3 review, before the actual iPad 3 unboxing.” Aatma Studio wrote at YouTube.

Apparently, computer generated iPad 3 concept YouTube video, which was uploaded last February 28 and has more than 1,970,000 views as of this writing, shows a man opening up the display of the iPad 3 with an edge-to-edge retina display.

Interestingly, the iPad featured on the concept video has no edges but rather using the full front face of the device to display the apps, photos, videos and games, wherein a 3D holographic display is available for multiplayer games.

Later, the man physically connected two iPad 3 screens using internal magnets that was digitally connected using near-field communication (NFC) technology, which creates a dual-screen effect that doubles the screen size for watching widescreen movies or simply creating a larger screen for multiplayer gaming.

iPad 3 Concept Features
Video Credit: AatmaStudio/YouTube

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