iPad 3 rumors threaten Apple iPad 2 Christmas Holiday Sales

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Recent iPad 3 rumors that spread over several news and blog sites is reportedly threatening the Christmas holiday sales of Apple iPad 2. Apple iPad 3 was rumored to be released between March or April of 2012 by the Taipei based Digitimes. A concept video of the Apple iPad 3 was also uploaded on YouTube.

iPad 2

iPad 2
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The Apple iPad 3 rumors is expected to affect the decision of iPad 2 buyers and other computer tablets. These latest rumors may result to a lower iPad 2 sales for the rest of the month, according to business analysts.

iPhone 4 sales during the summer of 2011 reportedly went down after rumors of iPhone 5 was published. Eventually, an iPhone 4S was recently released instead of an iPhone 5.

Jeff Haywood of The Grand Rapids Press said that “most non-geeks will be thrilled to get Apple’s tablet this year and likely would not miss any features the next version may get.”

Meanwhile, other reports say that some experts believe that lower Apple iPad 2 holiday sales would be good for the economy.

Earlier reports said that Apple might be releasing an iPad HD and not an iPad 3.

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