iPad 3 Release Date Rumors in the US Definite, Launching in Europe and Asia May Come Early?

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iPad 3 leaked photo
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iPad 3 release date on March 7, 2012 may be imminent now as leakages of several major features of the highly anticipated next generation of Apple tablet continue to spread over the internet, according to reports by several international tech sites on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

Reports said that iPad 3 may definitely be launched in the US by March 7. In contrast with the usual release of Apple products, the unveiling of iPad 3 in selected European and Asian countries may happen earlier, as predicted in some Chinese and German blogs.

Some blogs anticipates that iPad 3 will be unveiled in the US by the middle of March and will be followed with an April release of the new tablet in Japan, UK, France and Germany. iFun.de, a German blog, however disputed that iPad 3 will be released in Germany on March 23, which analysts believed may be true based on the previous launching of Apple products.

With the debate on the iPad 3 release date heating up, new features of iPad 3 continues to go viral over the web. The latest iPad 3 rumor suggests that the new Apple tablet will be slightly thicker than iPad 2. Additionally, iPad 3 will have an upgraded camera that will feature a larger opening.

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