Iowa Tornadoes Cause Major Damage in Mapleton (Video)

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A wave of powerful tornadoes hit Iowa state overnight, according to international news sites on Sunday. The tornadoes were reported to have struck just before Saturday midnight.


The tornadoes were reported to have caused major damage to about 60% of Mapleton, a city with about 1,200 residents. Despite causing major damages, Iowa‘s Homeland Security & Emergency Management Division spokeswoman, Stefanie Bond said that it did not lead to any fatalities.

According to reports, the tornadoes uprooted trees, downed power lines, tore off roofs and tossed cars and tractors. However, due to advance warning and emergency response effort of authorities, only minor injuries have been reported.

“There was major devastation to the southwest portion of town, but no fatalities,” Monona County Sheriff Jeff Pratt was quoted saying.

To allow officials to use state funds to help, Iowa Governor Terry E. Branstad issued a disaster proclamation for Monona County. Later, he also issued a similar proclamation for Pocahontas County, which also suffered damages from the tornadoes.

Below is the video of the tornado and its aftermath on Mapleton, uploaded by user bnvn1 on Youtube:

Iowa Tornado Damage at Mapleton
Credit: Youtube / bnvn1

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