Iowa Plane Crash Pilot Identified As Geary D. Gearn

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Iowa plane crash
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MILFORD,IOWA – According to international news, a single-engine plane, crashed about 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 in southern Dickinson County, Iowa.

Reports said that a resident heard a plane flying low nearby then with the engine shutting off and hearing a crash shortly after.

The Federal Aviation Administration identified the plane’s owner as Geary D. Gearn, 67, of Hereford, Texas. A confirmation coming from the family that it was Geary D. Gearn who was flying the plane.

According to reports, officials arrived in the scene of the accident to check the incident and the person inside the plane. However, they describe the scene as “bad”.

“It was just bad. I’ve never seen an airplane in my entire life torn up like that was. I couldn’t even make out the model or anything. It was so torn up with parts lying everywhere. All it is, is a little mound of dirt out in the field. It looks like somebody just dug a hole. From a distance you wouldn’t even know there was a crash there until you started walking up to it. It’s buried in the ground that far.” police said.

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