Invisible Airbus Concept Airplane: Flight Of The Future (Photos)

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Invisible Airbus Concept
Invisible Airbus Airplane Concept
Image Credit: Airbus

Invisible Airbus Concept airplane images was published by Airbus and several international news sites on Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

The invisible Airbus concept airplane provides a transparent, futuristic and more passenger friendly design being eyed for 2050.

The Airbus design, which combines a balance set of technologies, anticipates the future needs of passengers and the environment.

Improvements anticipated in the new airplane includes improved fuel consumption and emssion, noise reduction, and inexpensive production and lesser cost of travel. The transparent Airbus plane will have walls that adapts to the lighting conditions, holographic pop-up gaming displays and passenger’s body heat powering in-flight entertainment.

According to the Future Airbus website, “A third of the people that took part in our global Passenger 2050 survey of 10,000 people said that they want the flight itself to feel like a holiday experience and to be able to access all the technological advances which fill their daily lives during the flight.”

In a statement by Airbus Executive Vice President for Engineering, Charles Champion, he said that their “research shows that passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience while also caring for the environment.”

Below are some of the futuristic images of the invisible Airbus Concept Airplane. Click on the page number or Next to navigate through the images.

Invisible Airbus Concept Entertainment
Invisible Airbus Concept Entertainment: Passengers can play golf.
Image Credit: Airbus

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