Invisibility Cloak of Harry Potter, Scientists Proved It Can Be Done

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Invisibility Cloak
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The Invisibility Cloak of Harry Potter is a popular item in some of Potter’s films that it is one of the most cherished items in almost anyone’s wish list. The creation of an Invisibility Cloak is gradually becoming a reality, based on studies conducted by scientists through the years.  Scientists proved it can be done. This was disclosed by scientific journals, February 2, 2011.

Light is similar to sea waves, it has its peaks and troughs. The distance between two peaks is called a wavelength. When a particular wavelength strikes an object it reflects light which people can see as colors. These make the object visible to human eyes. The range of visible light has a wavelength around 360 to 800 nanometers. Within this wavelength people are able to discern objects by their colors or shades.

In an earlier discovery, scientists found out that by bending light using metamaterials, they could make the light appear like it is passing through the object, without reflecting it. This could make the object “disappear.’  Previous scientists were able to apply this to microscopic particles then, because the technology and ability to “bend” light at macroscopic levels, was almost next to impossible.

Recently though, a group of scientists in England, with physicist Shuang Zhang, from the University of Birmingham, said that they can now make three-dimensional objects, visible to the naked eye “disappear.”

This is done by cloaking the object with prisms from calcites, which could cloak bigger objects than the previous cloaks made of metamaterials. The prisms can measure almost an inch and they can be attached to each other to hide a bigger object from view. Although the size of the object can be about 23 square feet, cloaking a larger object like a plane or submarine can can be done, but it would take a Herculean effort. The inspiring message though, is that, it is possible.

The Invisibility Cloak can still be visible, depending upon the polarization of light. Zhang said that the reflection of the cloak can be reduced by applying anti-reflection coating which can be of great use to the military. With a darkened sky and the ability of water to polarize, a sitting submarine on the seafloor can be made invisible by the cloak.

After a few more years, soon the first Invisibility Cloak would be created and perfected.

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