Inventor Reginald Garcia to Sell Michael Jackson’s Old Photos to Fund His Electric Motor Prototype

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Michael Jackson
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Inventor Reginald Garcia had taken pictures of Michael Jackson in 1978, when the pop star was still a teenager and had forgotten all about them until now.

He intends to sell the 130 photos to fund his electric motor prototype, which he claims could help solve the energy problem of the world.  This was reported by CNN, May 14, 2011.

According to Wikipedia, Michael Jackson’s death in June 25, 2009 did nothing to decrease his popularity; he became the best-selling albums artist with 35 million albums sold worldwide.

Referred to as the King of Pop and Music Videos, Jackson’s pictures are expected to haul a hefty sum.

Reportedly, Garcia had the pictures appraised by Morgan Keya Gallery in preparation for the sale.

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