Interview: Michael Douglas shares his parenting regrets over his movie career

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After Michael Douglas admitted to David Letterman about his having a Stage 4 throat cancer, the Oscar award-winning actor is in the news again.

Apparently, the veteran actor was interviewed in Men’s Journal even before he was diagnosed of cancer.

This time, Michael Douglas shares his parenting regrets especially to his son, Cameron.

Douglas, now 65, confessed during the magazine interview that he has a lot of regrets as a father, especially to his son who is now in prison due to a drug-related case.

Cameron Douglas, 31, was sentenced to 60 months in federal prison for dealing drugs.

The star of the upcoming sequel film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps cited his similarities between him and his father, telling Men’s Journal that he, too, had sacrificed fatherhood for his movie career.

“My career was really just getting started and that was my focus, maybe more than it should have been,” he said. “I was gone more than I should have been.”

As the Hollywood star relates his life story as a father, he said he repeated the sins of his father.

“He was a rager early on,” Douglas said of growing up in the shadow of his legendary father, Kirk Douglas, now 93. “He was overworked. He was doing five-plus pictures a year. I just sort of stayed out of his way, but he did the best he could.”

However, he still seemed to be grateful for a second chance to be a better father to his younger kids, Dylan, 7, and Carys, 10, whose mother is actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The Men’s Journal interview will be published in the October edition.

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