Internet Kissing Machine Invented at University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan (Video)

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An internet kissing machine, known as Kiss Transmission Device has been developed by the Kajimoto Laboratory at University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan, several international news sites reported on Monday.

Internet Kissing Machine
Internet Kissing Machine
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Reports said that the device simulates “French kissing.” Rotating straws are used to do the “kissing.” By swirling a straw in a mouth using a tongue, the tongue’s position and movement are sent to a computer program and transmitted to the other straw which rotates on the opposite direction.

“Right now the values are handled by one PC, but if a system is put together to handle the values over a network, then it would be easy for this operation to be conducted remotely,” Nobuhiro Takahashi, a student at the university was quoted saying.

Takahashi reportedly said that the team is also working on adding more kissing elements such as breathing manner, taste and moistness of the tongue.

“If we can re-create all of those, I think it will be a really powerful device,” Takahashi reportedly said.

Below is a video demonstration of the kissing machine, courtesy of DigInfonews:

Internet Kissing Machine
Credit: Diginfonews / Youtube

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