Instagram warns Madonna to follow photo sharing rules, singer shares warning message to followers

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Instagram warns Madonna, who shared the warning message to her more than 154,000 Instagram followers, as shown in the photo below. Instagram asked the iconic pop singer to review and follow its guidelines. Otherwise, her Instagram account, which has 18 photos, may be banned.

Madonna Instagram warning

Madonna Instagram warning
Image Credit: Madonna Instagram

“It has come to our attention that your account on Instagram has violated our Community Guidelines, which can be found here.” A statement reads on the Madonna Instagram warning, along with a link to Instagram‘s Community Guidelines. The 54-year old “Material Girl” singer joined Instagram last February 11 only.

“We strongly suggest deleting any additional content on your account that may not fall in line with the above guidelines or our Terms of Use.” Instagram added, without mentioning any specific rule that Madonna had allegedly disobeyed. Among the photos at Madonna‘s Instagram are two photos of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

“We value these guidelines, and believe that they will help keep Instagram a safe & fun place for everyone. It is important to note that continuing to violate them may result in a disabled account, or discontinued access to Instagram, without warning.” Instagram added.

Apparently, Instagram mentioned four of their rules, which include not sharing photos users do not own, offensive photos, photos with illegal content, and those that attack individuals or group. As of posting, Madonna, Instagram, and Facebook, Instagram‘s owner, have not yet issued a formal statement on this issue.

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