Indian Plane crash last May 2010 is due to Sleepy Serbian Pilot

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According to international news sites, the Air India Express plane that crashed in southern India last May, 2010 was due to a sleepy pilot. There are about 158 passengers who did not survive the plane crash. The plane mishap is being blamed to the Serbian pilot named Zlatko Glusica who was sleepy during the flight.

A reported media leakage document revealed that the Air India Express plane made the wrong approach at the Mangalore airport. International reports wrote that Glusica became “disoriented” and  could have suffered from “sleep inertia” after sleeping during the course of the 3-hour flight.

Air India Express has not given an official comment regarding its pilots condition during the plane crash. Hisdustan Times reported that investigators were able to confirm that the pilot is sleeping when they heard snoring sounds from the plane’s data recorders. In the said recording, Glusica‘s co-pilot, H S Ahluwalia repeatedly warned the Serbian pilot to abort landing .

Survivors of the crash were able to get out through a broken fuselage before the plane burst into flames.

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