India Back Off From Threat To Ban Blackberry

By on Oct 31, 2010 in Internet Comments

According to different International news India has followed UAE in backing off from threat to ban Blackberry Messaging services in India. It is regarding the growing global concern about the government’s access to encrypted information of Blackberry Network.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said last Friday that Research in Motion Ltd., the Canadian maker of the smart phones, has agreed to an interim arrangement for lawful interception of Blackberry messenger services — an instant messaging application — and pledged to provide a final solution by January.

India has initially threaten to ban the BlackBerry Messaging service last August and later extended to end of October. It remains unclear what solution did Indian Ministry of Home Affairs and RIM have reached over encrypted corporate e-mails.

RIM, has given no details of the possible agreement that led the India to back off from their October deadlines..

India is now requesting all companies that provide encrypted communications to install servers in the India to make it easier for the government to obtain users’ data. This might affect Gmail provider Google Inc. and Internet phone company Skype SA.

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