Improv Everywhere staged King Philip IV of Spain unauthorized autograph signing at MET (Video)

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‘King Philip IV of Spain’
Photo Credit: Katie Sokoler/

An unauthorized autograph signing bearing the signature of King Philip IV of Spain happened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York on Sunday, March 6, 2011, as shown in the video below.

Improv Everywhere, the group responsible for the No Pants Subway Ride, staged an actor who looked like King Philip IV of Spain, who stood in front of the 400-year-old Velázquez painting.

Apparently, the ‘King’ greeted museum patrons and offered them free signed 8×10 photos in which most of them accepted and even had photos with him.

As explained at, the stunt was planned in September 2009 as invitations were sent to those with ‘special skills’, until a certain Chadwick Elliott responded and said he was interested to make a scene in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Later, it was agreed that Elliott would act as King Philip IV of Spain and will do a mission, to do an unauthorized autograph signing of the king.

When the big day came, the ‘king’ performed the mission along with a handler portrayed by Improv Everywhere creator Charlie Todd, who did the most talking to the spectators; and was photographed by Katie Sokoler.

Although the prank mission last only a few minutes, it was called a success by Todd as the scene draw a crowd and was even noticed by security officers of the museum.

Numerous museum spectators also asked questions to ‘King Philip IV‘, who ironically can only speak a few words of the language of Spain.

Although the act did not violate any written rule, a guard approached them told them that they are doing it without permission.

Amusingly, another guard went to them and even wondered if he is really King Philip IV of Spain.

Museum Prank – King Philip IV of Spain
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