Improper Use of Laptops Can Increase Chances of Skin Cancer

By on Oct 4, 2010 in Health, Science, Software, Technology Comments

Toasted Skin Syndrome is a condition in which the skin acquires a brown, “toasted” or burned appearance due to exposure to constant heat or above body temperatures.  In cases of improper use of laptops, this stems from using your laptop on top of your legs for several hours every day.

According to CBS New York, this constant exposure to temperatures of 125 degrees centigrade, which is the temperature of the base of your laptop, can cause this syndrome. Although it is unlikely, the chance of squamous skin cancer is also increased.

There is also a slim possibility that it may even cause infertility in males because of sperm reduction. Sperms are the male gametocyte which fertilizes the ovum,  a female gametocyte to initiate fertilization resulting to pregnancy.  The constant exposure of the male reproductive organ to the heat generated by your laptop can be the culprit.

Next time you sit that laptop on your legs, use a heat resistant mat. It pays to be careful when your health is concerned.

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