Imaginary Phone Controls Smart Phone Using Bare Hands, Prototype Unveiled (Video)

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Imaginary Phone

Imaginary Phone
Image Credit: Hasso Plattner Institute

Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany unveiled its first prototype of what they call as the “Imaginary Phone,” several technology news sites reported on Monday.

According to reports, the institute aims to provide a way to use the phone without removing it from the pocket.

According to the official website, a wearable depth camera is being used to track the interaction made by the user to his phone thru his bare hands. Interactions such as tapping and swiping are sent to the smart phone which performs the needed task.

“We envision that users will initially use imaginary phones as a shortcut to operate the physical phones in their pockets. As users get more experienced, it might even become possible to leave the device at home and spend the day ‘all-imaginary’,” Patrick Baudisch, one of the researchers was quoted saying.

Below is the video demonstration of the Imaginary Phone courtesy of Youtube user seangustafson:

Imaginary Phone Demo
Video Credit: Youtube / seangustafson

The official website said that the Imaginary Phone is a research project by Sean Gustafson, Christian Holz and Patrick Baudisch.

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