IKEA transgender ad in Thailand found offensive, LGBT group complains (Video)

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An IKEA transgender ad in Thailand, as shown in the video below, was found offensive by a local LGBT group called Thai Transgender Alliance, which sent an open letter to the Swedish home products company, demanding IKEA Global to issue an official statement to clarify the meaning of the said ad.

IKEA transgender ad

A scene on the IKEA transgender ad
Image Credit: IKEA video

According to a report at GayStarNews.com on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, the IKEA transgender ad being questioned is titled “Luem Aeb,” which means “forget to deceive,” was featured on the sky train system in Bangkok from December 28, 2012 to January 13, 2013, and online via YouTube.

On the said IKEA ad video, a man and a gorgeous young woman were inside an IKEA store, checking out some items. At one point, the woman was surprised when she saw the low prices and spoke on a deep male voice, suggesting that she is a transgender. The man was surprised and seemed to be disappointed with her.

Shortly after, the woman invited him to join her, as she excitedly take a look on the items, but the man did not follow her. Later, the woman can be seen carrying a heavy wooden box of flat-packed furniture, while the man left her and run away, suggesting that he does not like her because she is a transgender.

On the open letter to IKEA Global, Thai Transgender Alliance noted that “the transgender content of the ad is negative and stereotypical in nature” and “created a misconception about the way of life of bisexuals,” adding that it also “demonstrates a parody of a weirdo, without the full knowledge of being a transgender.”

IKEA transgender ad
Video Credit: TvcThailandAd/YouTube/IKEA

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