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Iglesia Ni Cristo Officially Breaks Three Guinness World Records

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The Iglesia Ni Cristo officially breaks three Guinness world records on Saturday, July 7, 2012 during their medical-dental mission dubbed as “International Aid For Humanity” or “Lingap sa Mamamayan” held at Parola, Tondo, Manila.

Lingap Sa Mamamayan Banner

Lingap Sa Mamamayan Banner
Credit: Lingap Sa Mamamayan Facebook Page

According to reports from local news sites, Tarika Vara, Guinness World Records‘ official adjudicator certified that the event had broken three Guinness world records. She said that the Iglesia Ni Cristo broke the record for the largest dental health check, the most number of blood pressure readings taken in eight hours, and the biggest number of blood glucose level tests conducted in eight hours.

A total of 4,128 people received dental health check during the event, breaking the previous record of 3,377 people in India in 2009. A total of 8,026 blood pressure readings beat the previous record of 7,203 in Kuwait and a total of 5,217 blood glucose level tests beat the 3,573 record of India.

“This was a truly extraordinary event. I have truly not seen anything like this not just as a representative of Guinness world record, but in my life. I’ve never seen an organization so dedicated to helping other people free of charge all day from 10 past 10 in the morning to 10 past nine at night,” Vara reportedly said during the announcement.

“I would like to say that I was extremely pleased (and) moved, and I’m just completely humbled by the fact that you gave your services today. The standards were incredibly high. All of you ensured that you were following the Guinness world record guidelines which I was adamant you had to. So, thank you for listening to me. You are now, officially amazing.” Vara was quoted as saying during the announcement by the Asia News Network.

Aside from providing medical and dental consultation, the Lingap sa Mamamayan also distributed medicines and 50,000 bags of relief goods that contained noodles, canned goods and 5 kilos of rice each, reports said.

The event was documented at the official Lingap Sa Mamamayan Facebook Page.

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