iCloud.com now open, ahead of Apple iOS 5 release

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The official iCloud website, iCloud.com, has been opened starting Wednesday, October 12, 2011, as promised by Apple earlier during the iPhone 4S launch and ahead of the iOS 5 release.

Apple iCloud
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As noted at technical news sites, iCloud stores the data between any Apple device or any PC and replicate documents, music, apps and 1,000 photos on PCs, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In addition, iCloud, which is a free service for 5GB storage, syncs contacts, calendars and email so that all machines and devices will still have the same data and content.

Apple noted that additional storage costs $20 per year for 10 GB, $40 per year for 20 GB and $100 per year for 50 GB, with iTunes music, apps, books and Photo Stream not being counted against that total.

Apparently, the main purpose of iCloud is to cut the wire between iOS devices (including the iPhone and iPad) and the PCs or interconnecting such devices wirelessly.

Meanwhile, iCloud will also remember the device’s settings, home screen layouts, apps, text messages, and ring tones, which will still be available when a user chooses to upgrade or replace their iPhone or iPad.

On the other hand, iOS 5, which was also released that day but a bit later, will serve as sync between the user data to the Internet automatically, making it available to Macs, Windows PCs and other iOS devices, also wirelessly.

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