Iceland Volcano: Geologists Warned People That Bárdarbunga Volcano In Iceland May Erupt

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Bárdarbunga Iceland Volcano

Bárdarbunga Iceland Volcano
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Iceland volcano specifically the second biggest volcano named Bárdarbunga may erupt according to geologists, Telegraph reported.

Bárdarbunga was said to be a large and powerful stratovolcano in Iceland which has been showing signs of increased seismic activity in recent days.

Pall Einarsson, a specialist in the field of geophysics and also a professor from the University of Iceland said that “this is the most active area of the country if we look at the whole country together. There is no doubt that lava there is slowly growing, and the seismicity of the last few days is a sign of it.”

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority assured the public saying:

“We received warnings over Christmas time that Vatnafjoll volcano was going to erupt, but it never did. If the volcano was to erupt, there won’t be chaos this time. We have learned from the last event and we have totally different airline procedures and air traffic rules in place.”

According to reports, the last eruption of Bárdarbunga was in 1910, but it was believed that it was in 1477 when it had its major eruption that produced large ashes and pumice fallout.

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