“Hurricane” 30 Seconds to Mars Movie Starring Jared Leto and Band

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According to international news sites, avid fans are eagerly waiting for “Hurricane” a video and short movie performed by 30 Seconds to Mars Band, Jared Leto, Tomo Milicevic and Shannon Leto. The Gimps act as the villains. The fascinating short movie, “Hurricane”, was shot in New York City in various locations.

Jared Leto said in an interview that he does not believe in settling down and being a role model to his fans. But he has great respect for the privacy of personal relationships.

Last November 26, 2010, the band performed in Cardiff to a packed crowd. They will sing in more places across UK for their UK Tour.

The “Hurricane” video will be shown on November 29, 2010, to millions of fans all over the world.
Here is a teaser video of the villains , The Gimps”  in “Hurricane.

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