Huntsman Spider Trapped for 49 Million Years Recreated in 3D

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Huntsman Spider
Image Credit: Mail Online

A previously undetermined 49-million-year old spider specie, fossilized in amber, was recreated using 3D imaging technology.

According to several international news sites, using the X-ray computed tomography, a team of researchers from the University of Manchester working with colleagues in Germany discovered that the preserved specimen is a Huntsman.

Dr. David Penney, from Manchester’s Faculty of Life Sciences said, “We were able to show that the fossil is unquestionably a huntsman spider and belongs to a genus called Eusparassus, which lives in the tropics and also arid regions of southern Europe today, but evidently, lived in central Europe 50 million years ago.”

Dr. Penny also mentioned that the spider, maintained in the Berlin museum, belongs to a collection of fossilized spiders by George Karl Berendt.

The study, according to reports, has been published in the Naturwissenschaften, an international journal.

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