Hundreds of fetuses found at Buddhist Temple in Thailand

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Hundreds of fetuses were found at a Buddhist Temple in, Bangkok, Thailand, as published in international news sites on Wednesday.

According to reports, Thai police said they have found about 348 fetuses at a Buddhist Temple, in the capital of Thailand, after series of complaints about a strong smell of decay was raised.

Apparently, Police Maj. Gen. Sumeth Ruangswasdi, who led the investigation, told the news that these fetuses may have been coming from illegal abortion clinics.

He added that they may have been brought there on different occasions due to their different colors and condition.

Meanwhile, the temple’s undertaker was said to have confessed that he is being hired by several clinics to dispose those fetuses.

Thai police added that six morticians were detained immediately and is now under for questioning.

According to CNN, the fetuses were found at Phai-nguern Chotinaram temple and were brought to Chulongkorn Forensic Institute for further evaluation.

Thailand law says abortion is illegal except for three conditions; if the fetus is abnormal, if the pregnancy is life threatening for the mother, and if the woman was raped.

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