Human Figures in a Coral Reef in Cancun, Attract Visitors

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Human figures in an underwater museum and coral reef in Cancun, Mexico continue to attract visitors, as reported by National Geographic, January 2011.

The human figures were sculpted by Jason Decaires Taylor who wanted to help preserve the coral reefs in the area. This coral reef lies in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system. The human sculptures are made of a special cement material that supports fish and marine life.

The goal of Taylor is to submerge at least 400 sculptures under 30 feet of water to preserve the coral reef and encourage marine life, like fish, lobsters, algae and many more marine creatures. This would maintain the balance between the survival of marine life with that of the destruction that may be caused by thousands of tourists each year.

With the man-made underwater museum and human-like sculptures, Taylor and other concerned environmentalists will hope to preserve the endangered coral reef and maintain business as well in Cancun.

This is a video from National Geographic about the human figures in the coral reef of Cancun.

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